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Derek Hart started Lynchburg Organic Cleaning because of his experience cleaning houses in college and even more importantly because of his experience selling the Legacy of Clean product line manufactured by the Amway Corporation.


Amway launched Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.®) in 1959. Since it's inception, over 50 years ago, they produced an eco-friendly cleaning product before the whole "green" movement took place. It was the first of it's kind - a high-performing product that contained biodegradable cleaning ingredients that didn't harm the environment.


We also realize that many families would like to have access to LEGACY OF CLEAN products on a daily basis to clean up spills, wash dishes and do laundry. Lynchburg Organic Cleaning is also an authorized distributor of these products and would love the opportunity to share these products with you. To view the LEGACY OF CLEAN online store, click the link below or to have a catalog and/or samples delivered feel free to contact us anytime.

Organic Green Cleaning Products
Organic Green Home Cleaning Products
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