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Our scheduled cleanings are available for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly routine maintenance. This option is by far the most popular among our customers. We are able to provide a service that will keep your home looking, smelling, feeling clean and fresh on a regular basis with our organic plant based cleaning products.


If you're like many people who like to keep up with their own house on a week-to-week basis, but would like for us to come in and do a one-time deep cleaning, we've got you covered. Whether its a deep "spring cleaning", the in-laws are coming to town or things around the home have gotten a little out of hand, Lynchburg Organic Cleaning is ready to come to your rescue.


If you are selling, buying or leasing a home and have need for a like-new cleaning, our professionals have great attention to detail. We can make your previous home or new home look and smell great for the new home buyer or tenants. Our cleaning products will even get out those hard to erase stains from the shower tile, the refrigerator or anything else that may need some attention.


If you prefer to clean your own home but would like to have access to the same professional organic cleaning products that we use, Lynchburg Organic Cleaning will set you up with our signature cleaning products by LEGACY OF CLEAN. To learn more about the L.O.C.® brand, click on the Products tab above and contact us to get free samples and demos.

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